Wheel Carriers

The smart way to carry a spare… or two.

Improves ground clearance.    Easy and convenient to use.

Twin Caddy

LC200-rearbar-water (2)adjr

Developed to handle the toughest terrain Outback Accessories Twin Caddy wheel carrier gives you the ultimate in rear-end protection plus improved off-road   ability and the safety and security of dual spares.

Replacing the bulky standard bumper and moving the spare to a more convenient, safer location, Twin Caddy significantly improves ground clearance and departure angles and makes recovery easy with built-in jacking points.

Designed to carry up to 35″ tyres.

Easy action gas struts smooth the opening and closing action and lock into place without pins.

Option up with dual jerry can holders as well as hi-lift jack, camp light, aerial or outboard motor holders.


Single Caddy

DSCN3889 etched

Get rid of that inconvenient ‘under the bumper’ spare tyre, improve your ground clearance and carry your spare safely and securely with Outback Accessories single Caddy.

Mounted to the chassis over the bumper, the single Caddy gives a fully integrated look and frees up under-body space so you can fit Long Range or LPG fuel tanks.

Retains existing bumper.

Waterproof LED lights.

Rattle-free fully adjustable over centre catch.

Heavy duty pivots and sealed bearings.



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